Thomas P. Heckmann


Hyper-productive acid/techno/trance/ambient artist from Mainz (Germany). Perhaps best known as Drax thanks to his 1994 mega-hit Amphetamine. Heavily influenced by EBM, industrial, 60's electronic music and acid house. His first record "Liquid" came out in 1991 on Force Inc. Music Works and was licenced to Mute the year after. The rest is history.

In 1993 he launched his own imprint Trope Recordings (releasing Kimmo Rapatti, Carl A Finlow, Cristian Vogel, etc). Numerous releases followed on various record labels, making Thomas P. Heckmann a keyfigure of early and contemporary german techno. His Trope studio consist of a massive collection of analog synths which TPH still uses to date.



Selected Discography

. Drax Red (CD/LP, Trope, 1994)
. Mental Doors (CD/LP/CS, Oscillator, 1994)
. The Orion Years (CD/LP, Mille Plateaux, 1994)
. Tales From The Mental Plane (CD/LP, Trope, 1995)
. Spectral Emotions - The Labworks Years (CD, Labworks UK, 1995)
. Isolation (CD/LP, Force Inc, 1998)
. Raum (CD/LP, Mille Plateaux, 1999)
. The Lost Tales Vol I (CD, Fax, 2008)
. The Lost Tales Vol II (CD, Fax, 2008)
. Dark Matters (LP/CD, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, 2013)
. 1991-1994 (CS, Forced Nostalgia, 2013)

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