Bologna (Italy) based Sermonizer started experimenting with primitive (field-) recordings and tape manipulations in late '79. From 1984 he recorded many avant-garde, industrial and ambient works on to a 4-track recorder. His massive output consists of numerous private tape albums, both studio and live recordings.
Over the years he has used multiple monikers: Bas Fled, Rosalita Tormento, The Pope Sings The Requiem, Sobillator Sisters, Burbank Terror, Korosiva Kancerata Cenerarium, Creepozoids, Sibelius Spiders,  In The Bathroom Of Souls And Sermons and The Hyper-Pope. Anno 2012, Sermonizer is still active. His themes, inspiration and phylosophy have remained the same for the last 30 years.



Albums / EP's
. Dead City Soundtracks (1981, Lanzoni Records, Tape)
. Misfact Branzino In The Big Apple (1982, Lanzoni Records, Tape)
. Mono - Live (1983, Noir, Tape)
. Death Of The Common Sense (1983, Noir, Tape)
. Rosalita Tormento (1984 Bolgia Folk, Tape )
. Sibelius Spiders (1985, Bolgia Folk, Tape)
. The Strange Lunch (1987, Bolgia Folk, Tape)
. In The Bathroom Of Souls And Sermons (1988, Bolgia Folk, Tape)
. La Carne (1989, Bolgia Folk, Tape)
. Lobo/Tomy (1990, Bolgia Folk, Tape)
. The Dogs Pumping On (1992, Bolgia Folk, Tape)
. Horse Finds Doctor (1994, NecroNovi, Tape)
. The Pope Sings The Requiem (1995, NecroNovi, Tape)
. Music For Junkie Christ Television (1996, Bolgia Folk, Tape/CDr)
. Electric Jazz (2002, Monoview, 2xCDr)
. An Evening Elegance (2003, Monoview, 2xCDr)
. Boiler Music (2004, Monoview, CDr)
. Bas, Fled (2004,Alampo, CDr)
. Dancehall EP (2004, Alampo, CDr)
. Tape Music (2004, Alampo, CDr)
. The Golden Age (2005, Alampo, CDr)
. Burning Ass Ambient (2005, Alampo, CDr)
. Dwyer Sisters (2006, Alampo, CDr)
. Holy Scumatorium (2007, Alampo, CDr/Download)
. The Beast Of Sermonizer (2008, Alampo, CDr/Download)
. AmphibiaBass Single (2008, Alampo, CDr)
. Sibelius Spiders (2011, Forced Nostalgia, Split LP)
. In The Bathroom Of Souls And Sermons (2012, Forced Nostalgia, Tape)


Sermonizer at Alampo



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