Randy Greif

Randy Greif

Since the mid 1970's, Randy Greif has been pushing the boundaries of auditory arts, often incorporating electronic, computer and concrete music with spoken word, sound theater and field recordings.

Location recordings in places such as Amazonia, New Guinea and Thailand have found their way - often manipulated - into some of Greif's music. Trademark styles are dense layers of atmospherics, cut-up vocals and shifting minimal rhythms. Dark and hallucinatory are often used to describe the overall tone of his work.

In 1983 Greif started Swinging Axe Productions (SAP) to bring out his own music and works by like-minded artists such as Controlled Bleeding, Merzbow, Illusion Of Safety and various monickers Greif was recording under. He also released numerous albums on other labels such as Staalplaat, Anomalous, Soleilmoon, RRRecords, aso.





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