Pelican Daughters


Pelican Daughters were founded by Justin Brandis and Andy Rantzen in 1984. Using a variety of instruments, found objects & DIY tape loops, the pair released a succession of cassette-only releases into Sydney music stores. Over the course of several cassette releases and live performances, including two cassette releases on CCP, the duo were joined over the years by occasional members Ben Fontaine, Andrew Holmes, James Fergus, Bryce Cannon and Anthony Maher (aka dub producer Sheriff Lindo).

The group also recorded with Miriam Williamson of Wrong Kind of Stone Age, a collaboration that eventually blended some Pelican Daughters tracks into the early work of long-running Australian techno act Itch-E & Scratch-E (Paul Mac and Andy Rantzen), most notably on the  track 'Sweetness and Light', now considered an early rave classic. A chance connection led to ‘Fishbones and Wishbones’ (essentially a ‘best-of’ from the cassette years) and ‘Bliss’ being released by Kim Cascone’s San Francisco label, Silent Records. One further album, 'Darkness Before Light', remained unreleased until 2009, when it was picked up by Sydney label 4-4-2 Music for digital release.  


. Fishbones and Wishbones (CCP, Cass, 1988)
. It Means Nothing (CCP, Cass, 1989)
. Fishbones and Wishbones (Silent Records, CD, 1991)
. Bliss (Silent Records, CD, 1994)
. Darkness Before Light (Download, 4-4-2 Music, 2009
. Fishbones and Wishbones (Forced Nostalgia, LP, 2011)

. 50 Years of Sunshine (Silent Records, 2xCD, 1993)
. From Here to Tranquility 2 (Silent Records, CD, 1993)
. From Here to Tranquility 5 (Silent Records, CD, 1996)
. Oscillations (Halcyon Recordings, CD, 1998)


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