Lassigue Bendthaus


One of Uwe Schmidt's many, many pseudonyms, Lassigue Bendthaus is the artist's earliest EBM-industrial-acid project. His debut single "Automotif" was released in 1990 and followed by the seminal "Matter" album in 1991.

Lassigue played his first live show as the opening act for the Meat Beat Manifesto in 1989 and toured intensively all over the world during the '90s. Up until today, another 200+ releases have been added to Schmidt's discography, representing a rollercoaster ride of aliases, styles and techniques. Rather interesting an artist is the least we can say.



. Matter (Parade Amoureuse, 1991)
. Cloned (Contempo Records, 1992)
. Render Audible (US Remixes) (KK Records, 1994)
. Render (KK Records, 1994)
. Pop Artificielle (KK Records, 1998)
. Matter (Cassette Edition) (Forced Nostalgia, 2014)




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