Hands To

Jeph Jerman

Jeph Jerman (born 1959, USA) began playing drums in 1972 and spent his formative years in various bar bands while simultaneously seeking out more adventurous people to make more adventurous music. He began recording and performing under the name Hands To in 1986, producing sampler and tape-loop based soundwork, all recorded in "real time" (no 4 track).

At the same time he also gave birth to the Big Body Parts label, operating from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over the course of ten years Hands To evolved into using environmental/field recordings with very little to no manipulation or electronic processing.

In 1996 Jeph moved to Seattle where he got into contact with the city's improvised music community. For the next three years he played with anyone who would have him. During this time he also began giving solo performances using only natural found objects (stones, shells, bones, driftwood, pine cones, etc.), as soundmakers. A practice which he continues to today.

Jeph has recorded and/or performed with numerous people, including Eric Lunde, John Hudak, PBK, Greg Davis, Lawrence English, Paul Hoskin, Doug Theriault  and many others. He also formed/joined a myriad of ensembles including Big Joey, Blowhole and City Of Worms.

In March 2012 FN reissued the groundbreaking 'Do Not Touch Them' album. We believe it's an important work; a prime example of  (unsettling) field recordings and (radical) tape manipulation. Undoubtedly unequaled.









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