Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox

English musician active in the field of experimental, ambient, industrial, electronic music. He was a member of MFH and Pump. Andrew used motley instrumentation - piano, guitar, recorders, reed organ, an obscure synthesizer, pedals and other effects units - to create claustrophobic, crepuscular landscapes, often inspired by paintings or literature. Born 14 July 1961, he died 26 January 2009.




. Arioch (Cassette, 1980, YHR)
. Methods (Cassette, 1980, YHR)
. Hydra (Cassette, 1981, YHR)
. Songs from the Earth (Cassette, 1983, YHR)
. Four Foot Thirty Three Inches (Unreleased, 2000)
. Hide (Unreleased, 2000)
. The Simulacra (Unreleased, 2001)
. Past Imperfect (Compilation CD, 2014, Forced Nostalgia)



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