Whisper Not / The Wrong Holiday (Split LP)

Vazz / La Bambola Del Dr Caligari - Whisper Not / The Wrong Holiday (FN004)

By Vazz and La Bambola Del Dr Caligari



Vazz  - Whisper Not
A1. Want of Anger
A2. Cast Reflections
A3. Lost Time
A4. Thirst for White
A5. Endless Road
A6. Flute Dance

La Bambola Del Dr Caligari - The Wrong Holiday
B1. Strawberry Creeps
B2. Blue Soldier
B3. Deep Skanner
B4. Satan's Pride
B5. Voices On Am (Edit)

Side A written and performed by Anna Howson and Hugh Small.
All tracks recorded throughout 1982 at The Hellfire Club, Glasgow.
Engineered by David Henderson.
Previously released as a limited cassette-only edition of 100 copies (Cat No CRV7404).
Instrumentation: voice, guitars, bass, drum boxes, percussion, Casio MT-30 keyboard, xylophone, clarinet, wood flute.

Side B written and performed by Judy Asquith, Aurelium Spitty and J.R. Ewing.
Additional keyboards on B1 & B4 by Duke Whitewater.
All tracks recorded live at Strawberry Studios, Bologna, 1983-1986.
Engineered by Aurelium Spitty.
Remastered by Roberto Napoli, July 2004.
'Voices on AM' edited by Mark Godwin, April 2011.
Instrumentation: voice, synthesizer, effects, drum machines and keyboards.

A&R: Fré De Vos
Photography: Hotel Delta!
Artwork: Radu Prepeleac

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